The South Korean appliance giant Samsung has announced the launch of what they say is the world’s first ‘wind-free’ air conditioner in India. It gently disperses cooled air throughout rooms to avoid the annoying (to some, at least) breeze generated by conventional air conditioners.

Conventional air conditioners do normally offer the option to turn their fans down to low speeds. However, performance may suffer due to inadequate circulation. The Samsung Wind-Free™ air conditioner starts off in a ‘Fast Cooling Mode, and then switches to ‘Wind-Free™ Cooling Mode’, which slowly disperses cool air through 9,000 to 21,000 tiny air holes to keep it cool.

I’m assuming that it operates like a conventional air conditioner in ‘Fast Cooling Mode’ so it can cool the room quickly and efficiently, as slow dispersion isn’t going to cool down a hot room any time soon.

‘In the air conditioning segment, direct cold air dispersion and sky rocketing electricity bills are two problems that today’s customers are weary of the most. The world’s first Wind-Free™ Room Air Conditioner & Systems Air Conditioner from Samsung addresses both of these issues together, providing unparalleled cooling comfort, while guaranteeing optimum energy efficiency.

Customer centric innovation lies at the core of our brand promise and this product pivots around this very approach. The new technology is especially designed to cater to Indian consumer’s specific needs and preferences, given the severe climatic conditions here,’ said Mr. Vipin Agrawal, Director, System Air Conditioning Business, Samsung India.

Samsung also claims that Wind-Free Cooling Mode can save up to 72% off the air conditioner’s energy usage, compared to the faster cooling mode. Using the two modes in conjunction isn’t likely to reduce the air conditioner’s power consumption as much as 72%. One way it which it could help to reduce power consumption is by reducing reliance on conventional high velocity air conditioner blowers, which can easily consume over 80- Watts of power.

Air conditioners sporting the new technology are available in all leading retail stores, with prices ranging from INR 50,950 to INR 74,260 (€639 to €930).

The exchange rates and prices used in this article are subject to change, and won’t be updated in real time.