The performance arm of Volvo Cars — Polestar is now taking orders for the 591 BHP Polestar 1 hybrid performance car.

BHP: Brake horsepower refers to the amount of horsepower produced by the engine (at the flywheel), not the wheel horsepower (WHP) output, which is measured at the wheels (and is also lower).

The Volvo Polestar 1 is a hybrid-electric performance car equipped with dual electric motors and an internal combustion engine that provides additional power and range. The total torque output is an impressive 782 foot-pounds (1,060 Newton-meters).

Unlike other hybrids, the Polestar 1 has 93 miles of electric-mode range, which makes this more suitable for use as an electric car. This means the Polestar 1 hybrid can cover most persons’ daily trips in electric mode alone. Older hybrids tend to have smaller battery packs and achieve less than 15 miles per charge. Some only a few miles.

What that meant for most people, was that they’d have to burn gasoline every day. Hybrids have been transitioning from gas-powered cars that save a considerable amount of gas to truly semi-electric cars that provide adequate utility in electric mode and can avoid using gas most of the time. The Volvo S90 also took a step in the right direction, providing up to 27 miles of range in electric mode.

To purchase a Volvo Polestar 1, that requires a €2,500 deposit. You can learn more about that on their website.

Images obtained with thanks from Polestar.