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Lufthansa, SAP Launch Blockchain Competition, And Why They Should

The German airline giant Lufthansa (Deutsche Lufthansa AG) has jointly launched a blockchain competition with the global software firm SAP to stimulate blockchain innovation in the airline industry. The competition is called the Aviation Blockchain Challenge, and the two companies are looking to pilot groundbreaking ideas arising from it. The competition should also help to encourage blockchain adoption in the airline industry as well as the logistics industry, which are part of most companies’ supply chains. The concept of using blockchain for supply chain management has been developing and spreading fairly quickly, as couriers and transit companies in general...

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Just Starting Out With Fedora Linux? Learn These Commands

Fedora is a user-friendly Linux distribution that makes Windows and Mac users feel right at home with Linux. While Fedora handles the complicated tasks for you and doesn’t require command line intervention (except in rare cases), it is helpful to learn the following commands in case you need them. If you are learning how to program, you will definitely want to learn how to use the command line on Fedora. Let’s say that you need shell access to a Fedora server to restart it. The ‘ssh’ command can be used to provide shell access as shown below: ssh

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Volvo Now Taking Orders For The 591BHP Polestar 1 Hybrid

The performance arm of Volvo Cars — Polestar is now taking orders for the 591 BHP Polestar 1 hybrid performance car. BHP: Brake horsepower refers to the amount of horsepower produced by the engine (at the flywheel), not the wheel horsepower (WHP) output, which is measured at the wheels (and is also lower). The Volvo Polestar 1 is a hybrid-electric performance car equipped with dual electric motors and an internal combustion engine that provides additional power and range. The total torque output is an impressive 782 foot-pounds (1,060 Newton-meters). Unlike other hybrids, the Polestar 1 has 93 miles of electric-mode...

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